The Hybrid Swamp Bore


The Swamp Bore


Domestic Woods - $80 +

Cocobolo & African Blackwood - $100

Acrylics - $125

Stabilized Woods - $115 +



The swamp bore is a specialized call for those hunting spots which require a quite, soft sounding call.  It is a single reed call, and like the original resists sticking due to moisture.  This call is meant for meat calling in the swamp, timber, or mountain stream and produces the muffled tones of the hen mallard.  Not a how boating call, the swamp bore is best for quacks, feeds and soft greeters.  If every call you try in the field is too loud, this call may be for you.

The hybrid swamp bore is the swamp bore's big brother.  This call retains the tone of the original swamp bore, but is louder and has the ability for mid-range top end.  This call has become a favorite of meat callers due to tone, range, ease of use, and reliability in the field.  It takes very little air to run these calls and due to the high reed set the calls don't stick.


Sound Files

Swamp Bore

Hybrid Swamp Bore



Grey and Black Acrylic

Cocobolo and Black Acrylic

Curly Maple and Cocobolo

Black Cherry Pearl Acrylic

Ivory Acrylic

Stabilized Brown Burl Maple


Stabilized Red Box Elder Burl & Black Acrylic

Burned Hedge