The Original




Domestic Woods - $70 - $90

Cocobolo & African Blackwood - $100

Acrylics - $125

Stabilized Woods - $115 and up



The original is a loud call best suited for open water or field situations.  These calls ring on the top end, have a raspy bottom end and are an open running call.  Featuring a high reed set these calls will resist sticking due to moisture.  In general, they require little air to blow, but can be tuned to suit the needs of the caller.  All calls come in a bag and box with extra reeds, corks and o-rings.

Sound Files








Green & Black Acrylic

Coke Bottle Acrylic

Birdseye Maple & Cocobolo

Stabilized Purple Box Elder

Stabilized Black Birdseye Maple

Stabilized Blue Box Elder Burl

Green Acrylic


Stabilized Green Box Elder Burl

Stabilized Brown Burl Maple

Birdseye Maple & African Blackwood

Stabilized Blue Burl Maple

Cocobolo and Black Acrylic