Natural Wood - Untreated wood is historically one of the most popular materials used for callmaking.  It is relatively inexpensive depending on the species and has a richness that many people prefer.  Unfortunately the durability of wood can be less than desirable and varies by species.  Wood is porous and will swell and contract with moisture which can lead to cracking and tonal changes in the call.  Oily exotic woods such as Cocobolo and African blackwood are more durable than domestic hardwoods and have great tonal properties as well.  Commonly used domestic woods include Hard maple, Hedge and Black locust.  Some woods have desirable properties for making calls and some do not so we typically use a few select species to make our calls.   

    Stabilized Wood - Stabilized wood is wood that has been injected with a resin and will resist swelling, shrinking, and cracking due to moisture.  This process is performed on unturned blanks at a commercial stabilization company.  We only use wood that is professionally stabilized since it ensures the highest quality product.  There are certain species of wood that stabilize well and these are normally porous, non-oily woods that will soak up a large amount of resin and cure properly.  The burls and highly figured woods are well suited for stabilizing and make some very unique calls.  Some woods can be dyed colors and others will look best if left in natural state.  We typically use stabilized wood for barrels and pair them with acrylic stoppers since this produces the best sounding calls.  One thing to keep in mind with stabilized wood is that every piece if unique and will look different.  We are happy to send pictures of wood blanks by email so you can pick out the piece of wood that you like.


    Acrylic - Acrylic is widely used for calls because it is durable and sounds great.  It is available in a wide variety of colors and if you want it, we typically have it in the shop.  All of our acrylic calls are hand turned on a lathe and made with the same process as our wood calls.

    Miscellaneous -  Calls can be made from a wide variety of materials.  We typically have a few of them laying around the shop and have made calls from just about anything that can be turned by hand on a lathe over the years.  If you are looking for something different feel free to ask what we might be hiding.