Collector Grade


Stippled Calls - $125

Checkered calls - $150 and up

Laminated calls - $125



If you want a call that you can hand down to a family member and a call that will gain value over time these are the calls for you.  While being well suited for the field, collector grade calls are all unique and pieces of art.  Collector grade calls can be checkered, carved, engraved or just about anything you can think of....even a carved duck head call.  Normally we have a few collector grade calls in stock, but if you have something special in mind don't hesitate to call us.  I'm always happy to create a call just like you've always wanted.  Prices vary depending on the complexity of the work. 

Carved duck head call

Stipled African Blackwood

Checkered and stipled blackwood



Canvas Micarta

Stabilized Laminated

Checkered African Blackwood with engraved initials

Fully Engraved

Stabilized Laminated Box Elder Burl

Checkered Bloodwood


Cocobolo Set

African Blackwood Set