I grew up on the shores of the lower Chesapeake Bay where there were always ample opportunities to hunt and fish.  My family has a long history in both of these pursuits and because of this my passion for the sport of waterfowling started at an early age.  My father and grandfather taught me about waterfowling, fish and the water in general as soon as I was old enough to listen.  I learned as much as I could from them until I was old enough to strike out on my own and learn those things which you can only learn by your own mistakes.  Ducks, geese and the water became an obsession of mine when I was still a very young man.  My father also taught me the art of wood working while growing up.  I combined my love for duck hunting and my wood working skills and started making duck calls in 1987 at the age of 12.  I made calls all through my high school years while hunting, fishing and crabbing as much as I could.  Most of my summers found me working in one way or another on the water and making duck calls in my fathers work shop.  After graduating from high school I attended Virginia Tech where I earned a degree in Fisheries Science.  During this time I avidly hunted during Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks and even made a few duck calls as time allowed.  After graduating from college I married my wife Kristin and started working for the Virginia Institute of Marine Science in the anadromous fish program.  At this time I started investing in my own shop.  Every year since my production of calls has increased.  I have made some changes in my calls in the past few years to better suit the die hard waterfowler and am always looking for ways to make my calls better.  I currently live in my hometown of Poquoson, Virginia with my wife Kristin, our two sons Troy and Cole, and our Chesapeake Bay Retriever Sage.  When not spending time with my family I am either on the water or in the shop making calls.


Brian Watkins

February 12, 2014